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Camel and Pyramids

World-Class Luxury Destinations

Experience Egypt and Saudi Arabia like never before

Experience this beautiful, diverse and unique part of the world with our luxury travel destinations in Egypt and Saudi Arabia. The Middle East offers year-round sunshine, culturally rich heritage, luxurious experiences and breath-taking scenery. We have years of expertise working in the Middle East and pride ourselves in providing our clients with the very best destinations available on the market.



Egypt is truly one of the world’s most extraordinary destinations with its ancient history, iconic cities, world-class beaches, stunning coral reefs and over 360 days of sunshine each year.
Experience this remarkable country like never before with our unique luxury experiences.

Destinations - Egypt


Egypt's climate is semi-desert, which is characterised by hot dry summers, moderate winters and very little rainfall.

Covid-19 and Travel Information

Covid-19: With the travel restrictions to Egypt continuously evolving, please check the latest UK Government advice here.

Visa: British passport holders traveling to Egypt normally require a visa. You can obtain a visa before you travel through the official Visa2Egypt Portal.


Egypt uses the Egyptian pound as it’s official currency. View the latest exchange rate from GBP - EGP here.

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is the new-fangled player in the luxury tourism market with the country recently opening to visitors with new tourism visas. As a visitor there has never been a better time to experience this unique Middle Eastern country with its culturally rich heritage, untouched beaches on the Red Sea, year-round warm weather and world-renowned scuba-diving.

Saudi Arabia stock image-June 2021.jpg
Destinations - Saudi Arabia


The majority of the kingdom is a desert-like plateau, weather conditions are usually fairly stable. The main climate differences can be felt between the coastal areas and the interiors. In most of the country, summers are hot and dry; winters are mild, on the other hand, with temperatures dropping at night, and rain can be expected at this time.

Covid-19 and Travel information

Covid-19: With travel restrictions to the Kingdom constantly developing, please check the latest UK Government travel advice to Saudi Arabia here.

Visa: All visitors, including pilgrims, need a visa to enter Saudi Arabia. You can apply for a tourist visa online before you travel or obtain a visa on arrival from any of Saudi Arabia’s International airports.


Saudi Arabia uses Saudi Arabian Riyal as its official currency. View the latest exchange rate from GBP-SAR here.

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