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Saudi Arabia - Neom Project

The Neom Project 

Neom will be a cross-border city in the Tabuk Province of north-western Saudi Arabia. This city will integrate smart city technologies and function as an ultra-luxury tourist destination. The site where Neom will be located is north of the Red Sea and is estimated to cost around $500 billion. Saudi Arabia aims to complete the first section of Neom by 2025.


Strong Arabian Heritage dating back centuries from Pilgrimage routes from Egypt to Makkah, you will find ancient walls and relics of UNESCO world heritage sites within this amazing luxury holiday destination.


The ''Maldives'' of Arabia with the development of 90 white powdery sandy islands and aqua azure waters blue waters, boasting an abundance of marine life and birds basked in year round sunshine which exceeds 20'c this is undoubtedly the most diverse sustainable tourism project on the planet boasting a ultra and unforgettable luxurious experience of a lifetime.


Warm Arabian Hospitality awaits you from the moment you land with beautiful fragrant souks, shops filled with fragrances of OUD and rich black Arabian coffee to mint tea experience this ultra-luxury destination.

Nature Barron

From  the golden camels and wild mountain cats which wander landscapes freely to the local named ''sea cows '' Dugongs'' and turtles this is mother nature at her most finest, Dive beneath the shores and experience a underwater world like no other, with an abundance of colourful schools of rainbow coloured fishes and kaleidoscopic coral reefs there is simply no other destination on earth like what you will experience in ''Arabia ''.

Inland Arabia

From vast landscapes of ''scenic mountains'' to grey volcanic slopes and mineral rich landscapes. There is a new adventure awaiting you around every corner.

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